Saturday, September 22, 2012

Flint River Alabama

    Recently, I've been fishing the Flint river of North Alabama since its so close to where I live. I tried to do some research to find out what kind of fish I would encounter on the Flint, and what flies to use. I couldn't find anything on the topic i was searching for, so i decided to go ahead and fish the Flint.

    The first time I fished the Flint, i was using a small yellow boogle bug popper. The fish immediately were very aggressive in taking the popper. Almost every single cast, id have a bite, even though the fish were very small, it was fun. The fish i caught were all sunfish; longear, redbreasted, green. Most of the fish were less than a pound, but a few were of pretty decent size. One which was roughly 3-4lbs! (estimation... It was pretty big though)

    Now, the Flint has become one of my regular fishing spots that i always look forward to. The only two bass that I've caught on the Flint were two Redeyes. They were of decent size, and they both put up an incredible fight for their size. Ive just started trying to see if i can snag any carp in the Flint, not sure if there are any, but its worth a try!

    Recommended Gear:
    • 5-7wt rod. -- most of the fish are pretty small, so if you want to have a better fight, I'd go with a lighter weight rod. 
    • Flies: small poppers/divers/sliders, chernobyl ants, basically any terrestrial fly will do. I've also had a lot of luck with trout dry flies.

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Hello! My name is Reid Sisk, and I'm a new guy to the fly fishing world. I thought I'd create this blog to document my fly fishing experiences. I am learning to tie my own flies too, so I will also be sharing that. Im also into politics, so you may see a few political posts.. If your political views differ, then avoid the political posts! I dont mean to offend anyone! Im hoping that this blog will prosper as I build it!